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An avid Maker and tech enthusiast, I am a college student who enjoys learning new things, especially in science, engineering, math and anything having to do with technology. I collect and "investigate" old computers and gadgets, hack and repurpose appliances and various electronic devices and love learning about the evolution of hardware and software.

I have earned a number of technology certifications thanks to my love of learning and my curiosity and fondness for experimentation (view a complete list here on Acclaim).

I have a strong interest in designing and creating useful Internet of Things devices that are both open source and secure.  Many of my projects involve automated gadgets and allow for customization - people have different preferences and needs. I hope to make people's lives a bit easier and more enjoyable.


Please Note that this site is under major backend construction, as I move to a better platform. Most/all links will be preserved, but content on this old site may not render properly, have dead links, or may be out of date.

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