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My name is Andrew Katz. I am currently in college, pursuing an electrical engineering degree. My favorite subjects are science and math but I like learning about many things.


I first became interested in computers when messing around with my first computer, the family's Dell Dimension XPS. I used that machine until 5th grade, the year I learned to program. That year, my mom bought an iPad, and I took an iTunes U course called Programming Methodology, taught by Mehran Sahami. This was a Stanford course offered for free, and it taught me how to program in Java. Since then, I enjoy programming in my spare time.


I also have visited Make Magazine, NASA Ames Reaserch Center, IOActive, and LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory in Louisiana.

About Me

Hobbies & Interests:


I have learned about some programming languages and platforms for physical computing, including Scratch, C++, Java, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino. Linux Script, and batch files. I think that everyone should get a chance to program in a language like mindstorms or scratch and decide if they want to continue. I love programming, learning about old and new technology and experimenting with building or hacking equipment, appliances and gadgets.









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