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Building Help Me Now

Help Me Now! 

Help Me Now is an Arduino and Raspberry Pi based smart home capable of controlling many different appliances and providing info.  My interest in automating things and allowing people to control many appliances in their home grew after I built an automatic dog feeder - which was a way to help make sure our dog got fed because she was new to us and we sometimes forgot.  


The goal of this project was to create a smart home, and to make it open source.  I have also planned and prototyped appliance control, and I want to bring them all together. I included Arduino, Raspberry Pi,  and Linux. The project worked by having a Raspberry Pi run an interface, and talk to the Arduino. The Arduino controlled different relays, which toggled 120 Volts AC on or off.  It could activate a fan, coffee maker, radio and more.  I demoed it at Maker Faire New York 2013.



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