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My Interests:


My interests, hobbies and favorite types of entertainment are varied -- I enjoy "making", computer programming and engineering projects, playing golf, black belt karate classes and performances, playing my violin in the orchestra, going to school clubs and events with friends, reading many types of genres and publications and cooking!  In my summers I have really enjoyed attending camps, including Stanford Engineering Institute, Discover Camp, National Computer Camp, ID Tech Camp and The Summer Institute for the Gifted.


I have been a tinkerer and a "Maker" since a very young age.  I loved to learn about how things work and would follow all servicepersons around and ask lots of questions.  I first attended Maker Faire in 2010 in New York and loved it -- and I got lots of ideas and vowed to demo a project the following year.  You can learn more aboute my projects here.



        Violin & Music

I really love classical music - and many other types of music too! 

My love of music started with Tom and Jerry cartoons and evolved into a lifelong interest in classical music. My initial dismay at not just being able to pick up a violin, rub the strings with a bow, and have music come out was quickly replaced with a desire to learn how to actually play properly. Now, playing in the orchestra is one of the best parts of my day. My favorite thing is sharing music with others, whether in concert or in recorded form. I even listen to classical music while I do my homework.  

Golf & Karate

Karate has been part of my life since I was about 6 years old.  I worked very hard as many of the skills are not easy for me to master but I am proud to have worked my way up to a second degree black belt at NYGKA.


I also enjoy playing golf - I am still learning and practicing the basics but it is challenging, fun and a great way to spend quality time with dad.

More Interests and Experiences

Summers have been wonderful opportunities to travel to places like New Orleans (my mom's home town), California, Italy, Paris and other interesting destinations that have history, showcase architectural or engineering accomplishments or mother nature's glory (such as at Yosemite and Yellowstone).  Summer camps have offered me opportunities to explore new areas and learn some new skills and make more friends.

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