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My Projects

Your Home, Your Way

Your Home, Your Way is a user customizable smart home. Each member of the family can tap their RFID badge on the reader, and it will preform actions just for that user, such as dispensing a favorite scent from an air freshener, starting their computer, dimming the lights, and more!

Assembly Projects

During July, 2014, I took the Assembly course at NCC (National Computer Camp) and passed. I have made all my projects available for download.

Help Me Now

Help Me Now is an Arduino and Raspberry Pi based smart home capable of controlling many different appliances and providing info. 


I built this project for a previous Maker Faire, and it was my first project that I built that used a Rasperry Pi


Notify Me Know!


This project was my very first Maker Faire project in 2011!   This was a covert security system using sensors, which when tripped, would change the backgroud of my computer screen.  To demo this project at Maker faire I used a doll house and wired up several ping motion sensors in the rooms - each one that got tripped by someone entering the room would change the background screenn on my computer to a different picture.





2015 FBLA Mobile Application


For the 2015 Future Business Leaders of America Mobile Application Development competition, I designed an app which is an events list for my school. It is written for android, and retrieves the events list from a server. It then displays the events to the user.


For competative reasons, the project was originally closed-source, but now that the submission deadline has passed, I have made the project open source and freely available on GitHub. 


I won first place at the 2015 New York State Leadership Conference and second place at the 2015 FBLA Nationional Leadership Conference.

Automatic Dog Feeder


Our family had adopted a dog from Pet Rescue - she is a mix of short-haired border collie and a blue heeler.  She is well behaved and very smart.  Unfortunately, we were not always as attentive as we should be to her needs.  Sometimes we forgot to feed her and often as we came and went at home, no one knew if she had been fed!  So, mom asked me to solve the problem. 



Raspberry Pi Commercial

After getting my first Raspberry Pi, I immedietely wanted to see what it could do. I was amazed, and made a "commercial" for it.

Contact Microphone

When I was in 8th grade I built a contact mic for my orchestra teacher – he had explained how it is used and can be helpful to record a particular instrument directly.  I was very curious and offered to make one – I love music, electronics and helping others – and I would get extra credit.  I watched a Make Magazine  video about to make a contact mic and I quickly bought the components at Radio Shack.  I was able to build it in about an hour or so – it was fun.  I tested it and brought it to school.  My teacher appreciated how it worked.  I now understand how helpful it can be to help capture a player’s music.  This was a really fun, spontaneous project. 

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